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In 1993 the Diocese of Gary established the Sexual Misconduct Toward Minors and Others at Risk policy. To implement this policy as revised on April 1, 2003, a Safe Environment Plan has been established.

This policy applies to the programs that provide specific training in the prevention, recognition and reporting of child abuse that are developed and/or offered by the Diocese and is

a. Required of all Diocesan personnel and volunteers directly involved or in contact with children.

b. Required of all children and youth who participate in activites, services and programs under auspices of the Diocese.

c. Recommended of parents and other adults who participate or have children who participate in activities, services and programs under the auspices of the Diocese.

The program that was adopted by the Diocese is called VIRTUS, Protecting God's Children. Here at Saint Casimir we require all adults who have contact with children to take the VIRTUS program. VIRTUS will provide the training program for adults. Each parish has a facilitator who will provide the training session for adults.

***We ask that all our parents who want to be involved with school activities take the VIRTUS program. The training consist of a one time introductory class, given at different parishes within the Diocese of Gary, and there are 24 readings that must be completed online. You will receive an email once a month to alert you that you have a reading due. You are generally sent one reading a month. Once you have completed your 24 readings you have completed the program for life.
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